Best Paper Awards

I Banking and Finance
Vicissitudes in Risk and Volatility of Commodity Markets during Global Events (Paper No.: 236)
1. Dr. Jatin Trivedi
2. Deepali Dixit
II Banking and Finance
Continuance intention to use smartphone-based payment services: The role of pre-adoption expectancies, usage experience, and conventional inhibitions (Paper No.: 268)
1. Ashique Ali K A
2. Dr. Rameshkumar Subramanian
III Finance & Economics
Impact of the Federal Reserve’s Monetary Policy Shocks on the Indian Stock Market (Paper No.: 251)
1. Prof. Kiran Kumar Kotha
2. Bhawna Sahu
IV Business, Technology & Entrepreneurship
The mediating role of customer engagement behaviour and self-brand connection in FinTech Services: Probing the loyalty nexus (Paper No.: 219)
1. Archana Nayak Kini
2. Dr. Savitha Basri
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