Conference Themes

The topics are only indicative, and authors need not restrict to the below-mentioned theme/topics. Submissions in all relevant areas of banking, finance, economics, and business will be considered. Potential authors are invited to submit papers related but not restricted to the following related topics:

Banking & Financial Services
Bank Stability
Risk Management
Impact on Bank Performance
Stress on Asset-Liability Management
Managing Non-Performing Assets Management
Liquidity Management
Islamic Banking and Finance
Retail Banking, Corporate Banking, and Investment Banking
SME Financing
Digital Banking and FINTECH
Bank Marketing
Banking Regulations
Financial Inclusion
Green Banking
Open Banking
Insurance, Financial Services, Mutual Funds, and ETFs
Ethics and Trust in Banking and Finance
Finance & Economics
Policy and Regulation for Digital economy
Policy for Inclusive and Equitable Development
Public Policy & Finance
Transformation of systems for Green Economy
Economic Diversification and Self Reliance
Dynamics of Financial Markets and Intermediaries
Neurofinance and Behavioural Economics
Financial Literacy
Venture Capital, Crowdfunding, and Alternative Finance Solutions
Sustainable Finance - Crypto Currencies and Block-Chain
Financial Innovation and Engineering
Initial Public Offering
Corporate restructuring
Assets Pricing
Security Analysis
Mergers & Acquisitions
Multinational Finance
Accounting and Taxation Practices
Strategic Cost Management
Business, Technology, & Entrepreneurship
Change Management and Digital Transformation
Digital Entrepreneurship
Artificial Intelligence & Business Analytics
Disruptive Innovation (eg. Block Chain, Fintech)
Business models in the Digital Era
International Cooperation
Entrepreneurship, Family Business SMEs
Social Entrepreneurship
E-Business, E-Commerce, and Digital Transformation
Revival Strategies for Trade & Industry
Business, Marketing, and Branding Strategies for Competitive Advantages
Consumer Culture, Behaviour, and Psychology
Impact of COVID 19 on Labor Market
Organizational Behaviour and Human Resources Management
Logistic and Supply Chain
Public & Private Partnership (PPP)
Business Law & Business Ethics
Corporate Governance and Social Responsibility
Total Quality Management
Business Analytics and Knowledge Management
Higher Education and Digital Competitiveness
Socio-Technical Perspectives on the Digital Era
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